Take honor in your faith, in your reliance on God


Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei wrote a message Friday to Ismail Haniya, the Premier of the Gaza-based legitimate Palestinian government about the defeat and disgrace of the equipped army of the Zionist regime in the face of the “patience, bravery and sacrifice” of the valiant combatants and the innocent people of Gaza.

Ayatollah Khamenei in the message praised that the dignified perseverance of the Gaza people against one of the most atrocious war crimes in history helped discredit America, the supporters of the Zionist regime and the traitors and hypocrites in the Islamic Ummah.

Ayatollah Khamenei also noted that the perseverance of the Gaza people will hoist the dignity flag of the Islamic Ummah and will growingly deal humiliation to the anti-human enemies.

The text of the message follows.

Bismillah-e Rahman-e Rahim

Dear Ismail Haniya, the Mujahid brother,

Peace be upon you, for that you were patient” (The Thunder: 24)

Twenty days of perseverance by you, by the valiant and martyrdom-ready combatants and by the people of Gaza from all walks of life in the face of one of the most atrocious war crimes in history and world has helped hoist the flag of dignity over the Islamic Ummah.

You proved that a Muslim heart full of faith in God and in the Day of Resurrection and a solemn and dignified Muslim soul which never bears the humiliation of submission towards bully and oppression would generate such strength against which tyrant and arrogant governments or equipped armies would feel feeble and would suffer indignity.

An army already held stuck for the past twenty days behind the gates of Gaza thank to the strength of your sacrifice and your welcome to martyrdom is that same army which took rein of large tracts of three Arab countries in six days. Take honor in your faith, in your reliance on God and in your honest belief in the Divine Promises and know that all Muslims do too. Your Jihad to date has discredited America, the Zionist regime, their supporters, the United Nations and the hypocrites in the Islamic Ummah.

Today, not only the Muslim nations, but many of the European and American nations have accepted without qualifications that your have been rightful. You are already the victors and through keeping the dignified perseverance, you can push further the abject and anti-humane enemy to humiliation and defeat, God willing. Indeed ‘Your Lord has neither forsaken you nor hates you’ (The Forenoon: 3) and indeed ‘Your Lord shall give you, and you shall be satisfied’ (The Forenoon: 5), God willing.

Nonetheless, the bloody and tragic incidents befallen on the Palestinian civilians, especially the innocent children have rent our hearts. The scenes of crimes of the usurpers of Palestine, broadcast several times a day through all our television channels have made our nation sad and bereaved. May God multiply your award and hasten your victory. Indeed the promise of God is true Who said ‘Assuredly God will help him who helps Him’ (The Hajj: 40) and ‘Whosoever struggles, struggles only to his own gain’ (The Spider: 6(.

The Arab traitors would rather realize that their fate would not go better than that of the Jews in the war of confederates (early in Islam) for whom the Almighty said ‘And He brought down those of the People of the Book who supported them from their fortresses’ (The Confederates: 26). The nations have sided with the people and the Mujahids of Gaza. Any government which defies the practice would more distance from its nation and the fate of such governments is definite. If they care their life and dignity they must take note of the word of the Commander of the Faithful, Ali (A.S.) who said: ‘If you are downtrodden, you life will be but death and if you are dominant, your death will be but life.’

I send my praise to you, to the combatants of Gaza and all your innocent and resistant people and in the company of all the efforts the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran have made as a duty, I pray for you day and night and ask the All-mighty, All-powerful God to confer patience and victory on you.

And Allah’s peace, mercy and blessings be on you and on the devout servants of Allah

Sayyed Ali Husseini Khamenei

Muharram 18, 1430

Dey 26, 1387

January 16, 2009


end silence on Gaza


Tehran, Jan 15, IRNA – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on Saudi Arabian King Abdullah on Thursday to end silence on the ongoing blatant genocide and tragic massacre of Muslims in Gaza Strip

would, by announcing his positioin on the current developments in Gaza, disappoint world’s corrupt powers who sought to sow discord among Muslims.

Addressing King Abdullah, the Iranian president said, “While all freedom-seekers of the world condemned the usurper regime’s crimes in Gaza and supported the oppressed people of Gaza, you as the king of the Saudi Arabia and servent of the holy shrines, are expected to break your silence and announce your clear position vis-a-vis the tragic genocide and massacre of children of the Islamic Ummah in Gaza.”

The president added that the Zionist regime would “undoubtedly gain nothing but defeat, humilation and an eventual collapse due to the continuous resistance of the people in Gaza and their faith to God.”

He added, “All know that the Zionist regime has no future and its current attitude indicates its frustration over continuation of its presence and life in the region.”

“You know that the innocent and defenseless people of Gaza have been under savage and brutal attacks by Zionpast during the past 19 consecutive days and nights. While being in a complete blockade, they are also under severe attacks and bombardments from air, sea and ground,” the president further told King Abdullah.

He said that bullying powers and the so-called advocates of democracy and human rights were fully supporting the aggressive acts of the Zionist regime.

President Ahmadinejad regretted that “Certain Islamic and Arab states in the region are supporting or tolerating the unprecedented genocide with their silence or their smiles and are even waiting to see the resistance of the brave Palestinians yield to bullying of the occupiers.”

President Ahmadijenad wished for the success of all free nations, victory of the brave resistance of Gazans and the defeat of the Zionists and arrogant powers

Palestinians Will Never Forget

How can anyone watching Gaza burn escape the bitter realization that history repeats itself? Many have compared Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to Apartheid South Africa. But not in their cruelest hour did the Apartheid regime wreak such wanton murder and destruction. Let us stop mincing words. What is happening to Palestinians now whispers of Warsaw and Lodz.

Schools, universities, mosques, police stations, homes, water treatment plants, factories, and anything that supports civil society, including the only mental health clinic in Gaza, have been blown to rubble from planes that rain death from clear skies without any resistance, because Palestinians have no opposing air force. Nor do they have an army or navy. No mechanized armor or heavy weaponry. Thanks to Israel, they haven’t even had continuous electricity or fuel for the past two years. Or food and medicine. Israel’s siege and blockade of Gaza has prevented the movement of people and goods in and out of Gaza, including the import of the most basic goods necessary for survival.

A recent study by the Red Cross showed that 46 percent of Gazan children suffer from anemia. Malnutrition affects 75 percent of Gaza’s population, half of whom are under the age of 17. There has been widespread deafness among children due to Israel’s intentional and frequent sonic booms from low overflights. An alarming number have stunted growth and serious mental disorders due lack of food. The only way they have been able to survive thus far has been due to the tunnels that smuggle food and goods from Egypt.

Half of Gazan children under 12 have lost their “will to live.” Can anyone fathom the kind of oppression that leads small children en mass to lose their will to live?

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What You’d Know About Israel If You Watched Al Jazeera TV


Israel’s siege of Gaza, largely unseen by the outside world because of Jerusalem’s refusal to allow humanitarian aid workers, reporters and photographers access to Gaza, rivals the most egregious crimes carried out at the height of apartheid by the South African regime. It comes close to the horrors visited on Sarajevo by the Bosnian Serbs.

Throughout the previous days of Israel’s pummeling of Gaza, live coverage of the war hasn’t made it into most American living rooms. That’s because Israel, America’s staunch ally, isn’t allowing journalists to enter Gaza while Al Jazeera, called anti-American and pro-terrorist by many in Washington, is the only network broadcasting live images from Gaza to the world.

Al Jazeera, the Qatari network that has previously undergone attacks and had its reporters arrested by the U.S. military, remains typically defiant. While other networks are increasingly severed from Gaza as phone lines are cut and 75 percent of the territory is without electricity, Al Jazeera is bringing its approximately 140 million English- and Arabic-speaking viewers live images of bombings, tanks rolling through Gaza’s farmland, and interviews with civilians and aid workers inside Gaza city.

Take Israel’s claim that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. After showing an Israeli politician writing off the assertion of the existence of a humanitarian disaster, Al Jazeera cut to the Al Shifa hospital, the largest in all of Gaza. There, we saw that there were not enough medical supplies and civilians lying on bloody hospital beds told us that their lives were not only being crippled by bombs falling on their houses, but by the extreme lack of water and food for the people cowering inside them.

The problem isn’t only that supplies can’t get in. People still can’t get out. Most are left searching hopelessly for safety while their stories remain trapped within Gaza’s walls.

“There is nowhere safe in Gaza,” an enraged John Ging, head of the UN Relief and Works Agency in Gaza, told Al Jazeera’s Sherine Tadros in front of the Al Shifa hospital today. Those words came after the Israeli Defense Forces bombed a UN school that was being used as a refuge. Later in the day, a second UN school was struck by the Israelis, killing at least 40. “Everyone here is terrorized and traumatized and they have the right to be because there is no safe haven…This violence needs to stop now. Neither side can wait for the other to stop first,” he said.

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for those who support israel

for those who support israel


















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Gaza events heart rending in history

Substitute Friday prayers leader of Tehran Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said here Friday that recent events in Gaza are the “heart rending” incidents in their kind worldwide.

Delivering Friday prayers sermon here at Tehran University campus, Ayatollah Khatami, who is a member of the Experts Assembly presiding board, said, “No one can be found on Earth not to become unhappy upon seeing the events in Gaza. The incident has left two dark and brilliant records. Those being on the front line of the Gaza incident’s dark file are the tyrant, brutal and usurper Zionist regime. What goes on in Gaza is not a mere war, rather it is barbarism, genocide and infanticide.”

He went on to say, “Anybody wishing to see outspoken `Yazid(s)’ (tyrant(s)) of the time, they are advised to go and see him/them in Gaza. Had there been any justice in the world, rulers of the tyrannical Zionist regime should have been arrested, tried and executed in the public. Of course once-for-life capital punishment of them (Zionists) is not enough; they are worth to be executive tens of times.”

He said crimes in Gaza are committed under open support of the US President George W. Bush. “In final days of his dirty rule, Bush leaves `Black House’ with a long list of crimes. He has in his record massacre of hundreds of thousand innocent people. Massacre of 800 Gazans mark final cases in the list.”

He also felt critic of certain Arab heads of state stances and said, “It was heard that some of the states had financed Gaza attack. That marks permanent dark stain for them. Unfortunately, a government that is Gaza’s neighbor, does espionage for Israel instead of helping the oppressed people of the city.”

In the countries, he said, demonstrations in favor of Gaza have been forbidden and they have instructed their media to condemn Hamas. “Their traitor Mufti too has said pro-Gaza demonstration is a corrupt act.”

He then thanked brave Egyptian people for holding demonstrations in favor of Gaza people.

He advised Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to act independently of the hated Zionist regime, rectify their past records and open Rafah Crossing.

He also urged Egyptian people to come on the scene and have Rafah Crossing opened so as to send help to Gazans..

He then lauded resistance of Gazans and said, “That’s for 14 days that the resistance forces have bravely resisted with bare hands. Israel faced three Arab states 40 years ago and won a six-day war but that’s for 14 days that Palestinian resistance forces have crippled the Israeli regime. Palestinians will become triumphant. That’s a Quranic promise to you that if you resist, divine assistance will be on the way.”

Palestinian Holocaust Museum

IslamOnline.net’s Palestinian Holocaust Museum features online exhibits of the many Palestinian children killed, along with their names, photographs, their ages, causes of death, their favorite hobbies and dreams. They are now updating it to include the children killed in the current Gaza massacres. Please visit.

Name of martyr: Dena Ba’losha
Age: 4 years old
Date of Death: Mon., 29/12/2008
Place of Death: Inside her home, Jabaliya refugee camp, northern Gaza.
Weapon Type: Air-to-ground missile.
Cause of Death: Killed in her home, as well as her other young 4 sisters, by rubble falling through the roof
Details of the last hours: Dena was inside her house with her other 4 young sisters: 8-year Jawaher, 12-year Samer, 14-year Ekram, and 17-year Tahreer Anwar Ba’losha, when their house was hit by an air strike in Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza, while three other young children were killed when a bomb struck their house in Rafah.

Name of martyress: Iman Hijo
Age: 4 Months Old
Date of murder: May 07, 2001
Place of murder: At her grandmother’s house in Khan Yunis Refugee Camp
Weapon used: Israeli Tank
Details of the last hours: Suzanne Hijo, Iman’s mother, hastened on to the street with her three children, Dina (6 years), Mahmoud (18 months), and Iman. She was trying to escape a sudden Israeli attack on the grandmother’s house. A tank shell ripped through the wall next to the front gate. Small fragments of shrapnel sliced into Iman’s body, killing her almost instantly. Her mother, brother, and sister were severely wounded. “There was blood everywhere here,” said Rocha Hijo, Iman’s 15-year-old aunt, scuffing her foot on the floor. The shell’s fragments went through Iman’s back and dispersed parts of her body in the street and on the walls of the house.
Belongings: Suzanne Hijo said, “Until now, her toys are still all in place… Her lollipop, her bed, her clothes – all are in the same place.”

Name: Lama, Haya Talal Hamdan
Age: 4, and 11 years old
Date of Death: Tue, 30/12/2008
Place of Death: Biet Lahiya, northern Gaza Strip
Weapon Type: Air-to-ground missile
Details of the last hours: an Israeli drone plane fired a missile at a donkey cart the girls were riding in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya, killing them immediately.

Name of martyr: Na’el Zohair Abu-`Oun
Age: 13 years old
Date of murder: March 1, 2008
Place of murder: Eastern Jabalyah camp, northern Gaza Strip
Weapon used: Air-to-ground missiles from an Israeli reconnaissance plane
Details of the last hours: The situation in Gaza went from bad to worse as the Israeli military operations continued to target the area. Na’el’s school had to close its doors to protect the lives of its students.
Curious, 13-year-old Na’el and six of his schoolmates went out of school and walked to the nearest place where clashes between Palestinian freedom fighters and Israeli forces were under way. As the children were attentively watching, an Israeli reconnaissance plane fired a missile toward them. Na’el and two of his friends were killed on the spot. The other four children were seriously injured.
Hobbies during lifetime: Drawing and swimming
Dreams martyr once had: Na’el dreamed of being a lawyer like his father. He was eager to finish school and become a law student before he died.