Israel kills women and children, too

Women and children have reportedly been the main victims of the large-scale Israeli air strikes on the Gaza strip in the past two days.
Since the Saturday Israeli attacks on Gaza, the impoverished region has seen a gradual increase in women and children casualties, suggesting that Israel had made no distinction between civilian and military targets when it launched its closely timed missiles into heavily populated areas.
Schools, a television station as well as a mosque have been targeted as part of the Israeli military campaign against the Palestinians.
Emergency medical officials have asserted, according to Sky News, that a large number of the 800 victims consist of children, who were leaving school when the missiles were fired late Saturday and early Sunday.
4-year-old Ahmad Sinwar was killed while playing in the courtyard of his southern Gaza City home when the adjacent civil defense headquarters was bombed.
“I never expected that the civil defense headquarters would be considered a military target …What was the sin of my 4-year-old son?” said Ahmad’s grief-stricken father, Reyad Sinwar.
The attacks come at a time when hospitals in Gaza had already had critically low supplies because of the Israeli-imposed siege on the coastal strip.
“We are treating people on the floor, in the corridors. We have no more space. We don’t know who is here and what the priority is to treat,” said a doctor at Shifa hospital, Gaza’s main treatment center.
While beleaguered Gazans cowered under the shower of multiple strikes, Israeli citizens on the other side of the border championed and cheered what they believed to be an act of justice and revenge against the Hamas.
“I’m proud to be an Israeli today. I lend my full support to the commanders of the Israeli Defense Force in their campaign …I hope that their actions today help return peace to my town and the neighboring communities,” said the Israeli mayor of Sderot, David Buskliah.
Israel attacked the impoverished strip on Saturday, leaving 230 people dead and more than 800 others in a critical state. The number of the Palestinian dead rose to at least 280 on Sunday.


6 Responses

  1. I think it is just horrible what is happening to the people of Gaza. As I look at the pictures of the grieving family members who have lost loved ones, especially children, my heart bleeds.

    Theses are epople and they deserve better. Israel needs to stop this now. They are murderers and they will pay. America should be ashamed at how they back Isreal in the murder of innocent people.

    If I could, I would stand by the people of Gaza and fight to keep them safe even though I have never been there. They are humans and desrve to live better than what is happening. Have a heart Israel, let in the aid and stop the guns. LEAVE GAZA IMMEDIATELY!

  2. israel is just a coward… it will only fight defenceless people ….. they would never wage war on a country that any military power to fight back cos they are cowards!! one day the will get whats coming to them and that day will never be too soon… God Bless the Children of Palestine and may God have mercy on their innocent souls

  3. It is Unbelievable that the victims of an another genocide are now the perpetrators…
    USA & Israel will pay for this Surely..
    they have already lost morally after all these horrible killings of women and Children..
    We will bear witness to a day of fitting repraisal …for sure

  4. Israel is conducting a holocaust against the 1.5 million Palestinians because they voted for Hamas.
    That’s what happens when you vote in a democratic election? They tried a siege for 18 months, depriving them of fuel,medicines,food, and bare necessities and that didn’t work.

  5. The Biggest Terarist in the world


    this is the time to unity of muslim all muslim contry should be protest against of isreail

  6. ‘La ilaha illallah muhammadurra soolullah, Allah Knows best. thire are no powerfull arms but THUA,
    Will pray for gazza people,

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