Gaza events heart rending in history

Substitute Friday prayers leader of Tehran Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said here Friday that recent events in Gaza are the “heart rending” incidents in their kind worldwide.

Delivering Friday prayers sermon here at Tehran University campus, Ayatollah Khatami, who is a member of the Experts Assembly presiding board, said, “No one can be found on Earth not to become unhappy upon seeing the events in Gaza. The incident has left two dark and brilliant records. Those being on the front line of the Gaza incident’s dark file are the tyrant, brutal and usurper Zionist regime. What goes on in Gaza is not a mere war, rather it is barbarism, genocide and infanticide.”

He went on to say, “Anybody wishing to see outspoken `Yazid(s)’ (tyrant(s)) of the time, they are advised to go and see him/them in Gaza. Had there been any justice in the world, rulers of the tyrannical Zionist regime should have been arrested, tried and executed in the public. Of course once-for-life capital punishment of them (Zionists) is not enough; they are worth to be executive tens of times.”

He said crimes in Gaza are committed under open support of the US President George W. Bush. “In final days of his dirty rule, Bush leaves `Black House’ with a long list of crimes. He has in his record massacre of hundreds of thousand innocent people. Massacre of 800 Gazans mark final cases in the list.”

He also felt critic of certain Arab heads of state stances and said, “It was heard that some of the states had financed Gaza attack. That marks permanent dark stain for them. Unfortunately, a government that is Gaza’s neighbor, does espionage for Israel instead of helping the oppressed people of the city.”

In the countries, he said, demonstrations in favor of Gaza have been forbidden and they have instructed their media to condemn Hamas. “Their traitor Mufti too has said pro-Gaza demonstration is a corrupt act.”

He then thanked brave Egyptian people for holding demonstrations in favor of Gaza people.

He advised Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to act independently of the hated Zionist regime, rectify their past records and open Rafah Crossing.

He also urged Egyptian people to come on the scene and have Rafah Crossing opened so as to send help to Gazans..

He then lauded resistance of Gazans and said, “That’s for 14 days that the resistance forces have bravely resisted with bare hands. Israel faced three Arab states 40 years ago and won a six-day war but that’s for 14 days that Palestinian resistance forces have crippled the Israeli regime. Palestinians will become triumphant. That’s a Quranic promise to you that if you resist, divine assistance will be on the way.”


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  1. Here in Brazil we are shoked with this genocide that these juwishes are doing with children and old people. These liers still speak about Hitler but they are worse than him. Shut down these pigs! Arabs must be together in this moment and destroy Israel!!

  2. The conclusive solution to silence radical Palestinian groups will be to establish an international military force to police Gaza and the West Bank headed by a contagion of forces from the more secular Arab countries to ensure the smooth transition to a strong Palestinian state. If there is a well crafted plan to create a Palestinian state, I think most of the Arab countries will readily send troops to help develop a viable Palestinian state.
    A peaceful Middle East will definitely have a lot of ramifications. A peaceful Middle East will stem the tide and accelerate a decline in radical Islam. There is no greater hope than that the Israelis and Palestinians get tired of their tortuous past full of wars then sit down and work towards a peaceful Middle East.
    Rest of article on here:

  3. The Qu’ranic promise that if you resist then devine assistance is on the way refers mainly to spiritual assistance.

    We’d learn a lot more from following the example of Gandhi then we will from watching the example of people who use swords, guns, and rockets to achieve their goals.

    Muslims, Jews, and Christians are all equally to blame for the conflict in Palestine/Israel. Jews respond to violence with violence and Palestinians return violence with violence. Very few on either side of the conflict are motivated by righteousness… most are motivated by hate and revenge. But God said, revenge is HIS, not ours to met out.

    God desires that we treat each other as we would want to be treated. Neither side is doing this and neither side will be granted God’s divine assistance as a result. You’re wrong, Khatami. When God grants divine assistance, he fights the battles for us. We don’t fight battles on his behalf. He does not call us to suicide bombings or to shoot random rockets into residential areas. If you have to fight a battle on behalf of your God, then your God is weak, indeed. The truth, though, is that your God is not weak. And although you claim to, you simply don’t understand his ways.

    Allah Akbar…

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