for those who support israel

for those who support israel


















see more pictures of holocaust here and here


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  1. Newton’s law of physics states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    It is a fool who believes that people who send suicide bombers and suicide brigades into civilian centers, public transportation, restaurants and hotels can do so with impunity and without reciprocity.

    The pictures above are heart rending and extremely sad. But the calls for vengeance will only bring more death to innocent children and women. And the blood of those children will not only be on the hands of the Israelis, but it will also be on the hands of the victims here who choose to fill their hearts with hate, war, and vengeance instead of peace.

    How will this meaningless death stop? Will Hamas have to execute the tens of millions of Jews? Will that be a righteous act in the sight of almighty God?

    War is ugly. But I think this one can be stopped by simply ceasing hostilities in retribution. The people of Gaza could live in peace if their “freedom fighters” would simply lay down their weapons. But i don’t think the “freedom fighters” want peace. They want war. They want to destroy Israel and its inhabitants. They’ve made that quite clear. So who suffers? The people in the pictures above. And the unpictured people in Israel who also lose their women and children to suicide bombs and rockets.

    Sick. And sad.

    And everyone responds by calling for even MORE violence. Violence begets violence until we’re all dead.

    Stupid. Will we never learn?
    gaza: i dont agree with you! hamas was elected 3 years ago by palestinian people. now you answer me where is democracy? why israel and usa tried to overthrow Hamas after election victory? where was israel on the map before 60 years ago? these children were killed by your israeli friends. i see and i understand your comment because you should support israel and their crimes! these links for you: ….

  2. i do not agree with u. hamas are not the real terrorist. israel is because you are bombing and killing innocent children who have done nothing wrong. you guys are liars by saying that u r going after hamas when you are purposely bombing schools filled with innocent children. now you are telling me that hamas is hiding in schools? that is the biggest lie! why don’t you guys let in reporters to see what you are doing to innocent civilians. you know that if you let them in they will find the real truth about what is going on in Gaza and that you israel trash are the real terrorists. how can you sleep at night knowing you killed all these children, letting them starve, and letting them watch their family die right in front of their eyes. you tell me is there any justice in this. where are your morals, where are your hearts when you have innocent blood all over your hands. and may i ask how many children of yours were killed? less than 10!!! if only people were to know the real truth about you liars. claiming how we are terrorists and that hamas are terrorists.well you are wrong. these children died from your rockets and missiles that USA supported you guys with. personally, i think israelis are not even human. you guys are heartless PIGS.

  3. I’am Indonesian is always stand for Palestinian from long time ago because colonialization and aggresion is not allowed by everyone in the world, and that is written in our Independence proclamation and constitution. It is funny why Western Country give the Israel the land of Palestinian. Why didn’t they give their own land

  4. There is NO INNOCENT Israeli, NOT A SINGLE ONE because the State of Israel itself is racist by definition. This state has been created by theft and massacres conducted by both its government and the Israeli habitants themselves as acts of extreme terror to oblige Palestinians to leave their lands.
    Also, settlers who have all in their countries of origin, work, residence, future, resources, … and who insist to leave their countries to come to Occupied Palestine and live in settles that have been built by confiscation of Palestinian lands and by throwing Palestinians away from their homes and lands, are themselves terrorists and against human rights. NO ONE IS INNOCENT IN THIS DAMN ZIONIST ENTITY

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