end silence on Gaza


Tehran, Jan 15, IRNA – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on Saudi Arabian King Abdullah on Thursday to end silence on the ongoing blatant genocide and tragic massacre of Muslims in Gaza Strip

would, by announcing his positioin on the current developments in Gaza, disappoint world’s corrupt powers who sought to sow discord among Muslims.

Addressing King Abdullah, the Iranian president said, “While all freedom-seekers of the world condemned the usurper regime’s crimes in Gaza and supported the oppressed people of Gaza, you as the king of the Saudi Arabia and servent of the holy shrines, are expected to break your silence and announce your clear position vis-a-vis the tragic genocide and massacre of children of the Islamic Ummah in Gaza.”

The president added that the Zionist regime would “undoubtedly gain nothing but defeat, humilation and an eventual collapse due to the continuous resistance of the people in Gaza and their faith to God.”

He added, “All know that the Zionist regime has no future and its current attitude indicates its frustration over continuation of its presence and life in the region.”

“You know that the innocent and defenseless people of Gaza have been under savage and brutal attacks by Zionpast during the past 19 consecutive days and nights. While being in a complete blockade, they are also under severe attacks and bombardments from air, sea and ground,” the president further told King Abdullah.

He said that bullying powers and the so-called advocates of democracy and human rights were fully supporting the aggressive acts of the Zionist regime.

President Ahmadinejad regretted that “Certain Islamic and Arab states in the region are supporting or tolerating the unprecedented genocide with their silence or their smiles and are even waiting to see the resistance of the brave Palestinians yield to bullying of the occupiers.”

President Ahmadijenad wished for the success of all free nations, victory of the brave resistance of Gazans and the defeat of the Zionists and arrogant powers