Gaza events heart rending in history

Substitute Friday prayers leader of Tehran Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said here Friday that recent events in Gaza are the “heart rending” incidents in their kind worldwide.

Delivering Friday prayers sermon here at Tehran University campus, Ayatollah Khatami, who is a member of the Experts Assembly presiding board, said, “No one can be found on Earth not to become unhappy upon seeing the events in Gaza. The incident has left two dark and brilliant records. Those being on the front line of the Gaza incident’s dark file are the tyrant, brutal and usurper Zionist regime. What goes on in Gaza is not a mere war, rather it is barbarism, genocide and infanticide.”

He went on to say, “Anybody wishing to see outspoken `Yazid(s)’ (tyrant(s)) of the time, they are advised to go and see him/them in Gaza. Had there been any justice in the world, rulers of the tyrannical Zionist regime should have been arrested, tried and executed in the public. Of course once-for-life capital punishment of them (Zionists) is not enough; they are worth to be executive tens of times.”

He said crimes in Gaza are committed under open support of the US President George W. Bush. “In final days of his dirty rule, Bush leaves `Black House’ with a long list of crimes. He has in his record massacre of hundreds of thousand innocent people. Massacre of 800 Gazans mark final cases in the list.”

He also felt critic of certain Arab heads of state stances and said, “It was heard that some of the states had financed Gaza attack. That marks permanent dark stain for them. Unfortunately, a government that is Gaza’s neighbor, does espionage for Israel instead of helping the oppressed people of the city.”

In the countries, he said, demonstrations in favor of Gaza have been forbidden and they have instructed their media to condemn Hamas. “Their traitor Mufti too has said pro-Gaza demonstration is a corrupt act.”

He then thanked brave Egyptian people for holding demonstrations in favor of Gaza people.

He advised Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to act independently of the hated Zionist regime, rectify their past records and open Rafah Crossing.

He also urged Egyptian people to come on the scene and have Rafah Crossing opened so as to send help to Gazans..

He then lauded resistance of Gazans and said, “That’s for 14 days that the resistance forces have bravely resisted with bare hands. Israel faced three Arab states 40 years ago and won a six-day war but that’s for 14 days that Palestinian resistance forces have crippled the Israeli regime. Palestinians will become triumphant. That’s a Quranic promise to you that if you resist, divine assistance will be on the way.”


Hamas calls for third Intifada

Hamas has called for a ‘third Intifada’ against Israel after the regime committed the ‘awful massacre’ in the impoverished coastal area.
Damascus-based Hamas’ political bureau chief Khaled Mashaal called on Saturday for a new Intifada (uprising) against Israel in the aftermath of an unprecedented and intensive Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.
“I call on the Palestinian people to go for a third Intifada,” Mashaal told the Qatari al-Jazeera Satellite Channel.
Hamas, which has accused certain Arab states of collaborating with Israel, urged Arab countries to sever their ties with Tel Aviv.
“I call for a military Intifada against the Zionist enemy as well as a peaceful Intifada internally,” he said referring to the Palestinian Authority controlling the West Bank.
In Gaza, Hamas leader Ismail Haniya accused Israel of committing “awful massacres against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip”.
Haniya declared his movement would not be overawed. “We are stronger, and more determined, and have more will, and we will hold onto our rights even more than before.”
Hamas spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum, also said in a statement that the Islamic movement “will not surrender,” adding that “the Palestinian people and Hamas movement “would keep their resistance against the Zionist enemy.”
On Saturday, Israeli warplanes killed at least 230 Palestinians in the Gaza strip, leaving 800 others wounded.
Following the attacks, Israel said that the intensive airstrikes were the first stage of a large-scale military operation against the besieged Gaza strip.
Early Sunday, Israeli forces carried out fresh air raids on the targets in the Gaza strip, including a mosque and a TV station, leaving many wounded.
The attacks come in the wake of an Israeli-imposed blockade on the region which was aimed at weakening Hamas government in the coastal area.
The blockade however failed to reduce Hamas popularity among Palestinians in general and Gazans in particular as a recent Israeli National Security Council assessment urged Tel Aviv to hinder “elections in the Palestinian Authority, even at the cost of a confrontation with the US and the international community” because the upcoming elections in the Palestinian Authority might lead to Hamas victory.

Real Holocaust taking place in Gaza

Real holocaust is taking place in Gaza

The Zionist regime’s barbaric attacks on a tiny piece of land are underway to take control of the Hamas-run region and undermine Palestine Resistance Movement.

Gaza siege which began in January 2006 has now turned into an excuse for political groups campaigning for elections in February.

Tzipi Livny, head of Kadima Party, said on December 21 in an interview with Israeli TV that if she becomes prime minister, she will eliminate Hamas using military, economic and diplomatic means.

Despite Hamas’ agreement to stop retaliatory attacks, Israeli officials were not ready to put an end to Gaza siege and allow food and medicine supplies to the area.

The silence of the Arabs in the face of these crimes is based on the policy of some Arab countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia of not recognizing Hamas.

This is while Moshir Al-Masri, a leader of Hamas, has said that Resistance Movement has prepared itself to counter the enemy.

On the other hand, spokesman of Hamas, Fowzi Barhum has said that Hamas leaders are not afraid of death and will stand up to occupiers.

Iran has adopted an wise approach vis-a-vis the issues and condemned the atrocities in Gaza.

It has also called on international bodies to deal properly with the issue.